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Webcam vs Flip Video Camcorder: Which is Better? March 27, 2009

A real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, Kelly Marsh, posted a question in her Facebook updates.  Question is posted below.


The question led to a great conversation of whether or not a Flip video camcorder or webcam was the way to go.  Prior to the introduction of the Flip and other mini camcorders this question would have been relatively easy to answer.  With the emergence of the Flip and others though a debate is in order.  First, I’ll list what I see as advantages and disadvantages of both, then you post your opinion in the comments section below.



  • convenient – no setup needed
  • ideal for video conferencing or video chat programs
  • easily livestream video


  • could forget to turn off and reveal your private life
  • must be connected to a computer to function

flip-video-camcorderFlip Video Camcorder


  • higher quality of video (especially with MinoHD model)
  • small, compact, and light weight
  • mobility/versatility


  • setup involved  (requires a tripod for best usage)
  • image stabilization – video quality is significantly reduced if unit is not held still
  • must upload video to computer, no direct connect while filming

The Flip most certainly appears to have caught the attention of most consumes, but for those that desire more of a “built-in” solution the webcam still seems to be the preferred method.

One last thing to mention, most Windows based laptops and just about all Apple computers (iSight camera) come with a built-in webcam…now that’s convenient!