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7 Reasons You Should NOT Attend REtechSouth March 16, 2009


1. You already know everything there is to know about real estate, marketing, technology, and business strategies. If you have mastered each of these areas, then give the $150 as an extra tip to your private jet pilot as you most certainly roll like that.

2. Barack Obama was unavailable for the keynote. If you were only coming to see the President, then you can stay home. However, Dave Jenks, yes that Dave Jenks: co-author of “Shift” and “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, will be the keynote and he may be worth the $150 by himself.

3. You are morbidly afraid of friendly smart people. REtechSouth will be crawling with the smartest people in the real estate industry and rumor has it they are all very friendly and approachable. Stay home if you can’t stand meeting smart people who are actually nice to you.

4. You think Google is fake. If you believe wrestling is real but landing on the moon and all that internet stuff that came later is fake, then stay home and spend the $150 for the next wrestling event on pay-per-view.

5. You like doing things the hardest way possible. All of the tips, tools and technologies presented at REtechSouth are simple to use and will take up very little of your time. It’s best for you stay home and try to reinvent the wheel, design a better paper clip, or walk and chew gum – as these things are way harder to do than anything shared at REtechSouth.

6. You believe having fun is for losers. If you’d rather be miserable than happy, then do not show up at REtechSouth. There will be live music, entertaining speakers, cool visuals, and it all ends with a cash bar networking happy hour.

7. You’re married to Brad Nix or Matt Fagioli. These guys have been consumed with making REtechSouth a kick ass event for almost 5 months and their wives are certainly tired of hearing about the newest ‘dynamite speaker’ or latest ‘elite sponsor’. So stay home and enjoy a day without REtechSouth only if you are married to Brad or Matt.

Unless one of the 7 above apply, then you should hurry up and take advantage of this $25 off discount code and get your butt down south for REtechSouth, March 20th, Gwinnet Center.  See you there!